My Wife Is Having an Affair – 4 Reasons Why She Is

My wife is having an affair isn’t something to take lightly. This sounds strange but is quite true. Women cheat just like men do but maybe lesser than men. When a woman cheats, she is obviously bored of the relationship or isn’t getting as much attention as she wants from her man. If you feel your woman or girlfriend is cheating on you then this post if for you.

When it comes to determining why women cheat on their husbands, there is not definite answer to that.  This is because both men and women cheat for a wide range of different reasons.  Just because one woman likes to cheat because it is easy to do so, it doesn’t mean that is the same goal and motivation of your wife as well.

Although no one can tell you exactly why your woman is cheating but I can give you the best reasons why she is. A few of these reasons as to why “my wife is having an affair” are highlighted below.


My Wife Is Having an Affair – 4 Reasons Why She Is

1. Unfulfilled Sexual Desires

my wife is having an affair

This is by far the main reason why most relationships have problems at one point in time. Sexual preference involves both sex. You have some sexual preferences and so does your wife. Ever tried asking your wife what she wants in bed? Never assume your sexual life is perfect without asking your partner. Women aren’t just receivers but also have sexual needs as well.  If your sex life is dull, boring, or decreasing, there is a good chance that your wife is cheating on you.  Remember, she may be doing so to fulfill her sexual desires or her fantasies with younger men.


2. To Get Out of a Relationship

Get Out of a Relationship

A breakup or divorce is probably what your woman wants right now but isn’t bold enough to say it. She probably feels if she cheats and rubs it in your face you will give up and ask for a divorce. Many women use cheating as a way to get out of their relationship.  Some women fear the responses they will get when trying to breakup with their husband or ask for a divorce.  Violence is one of those fears.

Men can be aggressive at times angetting dumped can be heartbreaking. She is probably scared of what you might do and so she just cheats. I feel cheating is quite worse than asking for a divorce thou, but we have different approaches to every situation. my wife is having an affair drama occurs in a few homes just because of this reason.


3. To Feel Young Again

To Feel Young Again

Have you checked the percentage of women who buy anti-aging products as compared to men? It’s quite overwhelming if you ask me. Women fear aging and that’s not a new fact.  In fact, many women enter into crisis mode when they notice aging signs on their body.  These signs may include wrinkles, white or grey hair, or gain in weight.  Some women choose to improve their physical appearance by getting a makeover or starting a weight loss plan, others decide to go out and have an affair with younger men.

In these types of situations, affairs are typically short and may also only be one night stands.  Some women just want to be able to go out for a while, have a good time, feel young again, and return home. The cure to this is to take her out more often. Have you tried taking your wife out clubbing as of late? You should as this would bring her closer to you.

Still on my wife is having an affair drama…….

4. Convenience

Wife having affair

This sounds outrageous but is quite true. Women like the easy life and once it comes they jump at it without thinking twice. Your wife is probably cheating on you with another man because of convenience. A simple compliment from another man while out with her friends is enough for her to cheat. Getting compliments from other men make women feel younger again. Even if it’s just for one night, many women choose to go for it because of convenience.


As highlighted above, it is important to remember that men are always tagged as cheaters in most relationships. Now you believe me when I say women can cheat just the same. Wife having affair should not be taken lightly. If you suspect that your wife is cheating on you, you may want to spend less time focusing on the why or the how and more time deciding what action you will take.  Do you want to save your relationship or is it not worth the pain?


Wife Having Affair? What to do?

Now that you know why she is having an affair, you can either choose to fix it by asking her what is going on. She probably is getting more attention outside than she is from you. Take her out more often. If your sex life isn’t that good then you need to make it frequent. Over the years, sex has been known to initiate intimacy between couples and yours isn’t an exception.


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Because “my wife is having an affair” doesn’t mean it’s your fault, but instead sit her down and find out why. It could be as simple as that.

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