Apps For Cheaters Revealed – How To Bust A Cheater Today

apps for cheaters

Apps For Cheaters Revealed

Think he is cheating on you? And you are wondering what’s the best app to catch a cheater? Here are some of the dating apps for cheaters you don’t want to find on his phone and am also going to be revealing the best app to catch cheaters.   KUWTK Star “Scott Disick was caught cheating on Kourtney Kardashian with a Tinder account. Wonder how she caught him? Well sources tell us she noticed one of the top secret apps for cheaters on his phone which is Tinder. That wasn’t enough proof to actually confirm he was cheating. Kourtney decided to spy on her spouse using the best app to catch a cheater. This not only revealed texts and messages he was sending and receiving, but also who he was cheating with. Am going to be revealing this secret app in this article. apps for cheaters

Live Examples Of People Who Used App To Catch Cheaters

Desperate housewives star, Eva Longoria, was also cheated on by her NBA player husband, Tony Parker. You must be wondering, why would a man cheat on the sexiest woman in the world? Well I have no answer to that. The foxy actress later on revealed that she had discovered hundreds of texts from Parker to another woman. The funniest thing was she used her phone to discover this texts using spy apps to catch a cheater. Mobile monitoring through a text message and phone lookup spy app is the best way to spy on your spouse. This can also be used to spy on your boyfriend or catch your cheating girlfriend or wife.

Let’s briefly discuss on the Top Apps for Cheaters Used for their unruly act

If you discover any of this apps on his phone it probably means he is cheating on you and you need an app to finally nail him hard.

Tiger Text

This cannot be officially regarded as cheating app, but rather an instant messaging application which allows users to hide their texts. This texting app lets users set a time limit for text messages to self-destruct. Such messages will be completely wiped from both users device. The instant messaging app was supposedly created for use by lawyers and business executives. Lately sexting teens and cheaters have found another use for it.

Fox Private Message

This is a completely stealth app that no one can see on his phone or open it as it doesn’t even have an icon. It hides private conversations, most especially sexting. If you walk in on your partner on their phone and see them immediately shake the device, watch out. They could be using Fox Private Message, which deletes all messages the moment he shakes the phone. What’s more, the app shows up in disguise on your phone, and after you add a number as a private contact, any message from them goes straight into the app rather than your usual inbox. This is an android app comparable to tiger text.

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Nosy Trap

Also known as the anti-snooping app is one of the top dating apps for cheaters. Just as the name suggests, it’s an app that catches nosy people, probably you for instance trying to access your cheating lover phone. Here is how the app works, once activated it displays a fake desktop of iphone application icons. Any attempt at clicking any icon on the phone will automatically start a video recording via the front camera. Once he discovers you are trying to catch him in the act he would probably get smarter. All measures will be taken to hide more of his secret text messages.


This is probably the worst app you can find on your boyfriends phone. You honestly don’t want to find this on his phone. Why? Hmmm maybe because it’s rated as the #1 free social networking app for gay and bi-guys to connect. There was a recent child molesting case on grindr against a 42 years old man. A 13 years old boy downloaded the app to meet new people and in less than an hour got messages I would rather not discuss. So if your boyfriend is using such an app you should sit him down to find out what is wrong with him.


This is also one of the dating apps cheaters use. Tinder is quite popular and known for its location based social search function. It’s more or less like facebook and Spotify combined but primarily for dating. The app is best known for trading pictures or casual sex with people in your geo location. Its one of the perfect dating apps for cheaters. If you find this app on his phone then he obviously has a girlfriend on the side he is cheating with.


So what’s the best app to catch a cheater?

I have come across a lot of apps that promises to help you catch a cheater or spy on your spouse and even bought a few myself but never really worked. At some point when you use this apps you just assume he or she is not cheating. Not knowing it’s just the app. I already gave up not until my best friend mike recommended an app. I used this app to spy on my wife and discovered a lot.

How To Bust A Cheater Without Them Knowing

And so the best app to bust a cheater which i use and recommend is Truthfinder. Here’s why, All this app needs from you is your spouses or lovers phone number as it’s a phone lookup service. It downloads and exposes all hidden apps and text or calls plus credit card purchases he or she has made. Truth finder ensures nothing is hidden from you. The main reason why I love this app to catch cheaters is that it not only catches cheaters, but also help you know more about the people in your environment. You can never tell if your neighbor is a sex offender or an ex-convict. This is by far one of the best hidden catch a cheater app.

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what’s the best app to catch a cheater

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